The Demon Vaper was born in May of 2016 by myself (Jay) I was a heavy smoker for more than 20 years up until the end of January 2016 when I decided to switch to vaping for a weekend business course with friends who were already vapers. Not wanting to be unsociable I decided to buy an electronic cigarette so that I didn't have to keep disappearing for a cigarette, I knew I wouldn't be able to make it through the day without a cigarette so thought I’d give it a try and was only for a few days so seemed like the best thing to do.


From the start using the e-cigarette was only for the 4 days that I was on the course, I thought that when I got back home I would be straight back on the cigarettes, I thought I'd try and see how long I could go without and only use the electronic cigarette, I had my tobacco with me but I found that during one evening I had only had 2 cigarettes as the e-cigarette was giving me the nicotine hit that I needed without even realising it.


To my surprise I actually lasted the next day without and then decided to take it one day at a time, I knew I wouldn't last long deep down but to my surprise I made it through the whole week. Happy with my restraint I then decided to look for my all day vape, I mean if I could go that long without smoking I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I started to get those urges back so an all day flavour was a must but although there were a lot of choices there wasn't anything I could vape all day.

Choosing my all day vape was hard, I was/am a big fan of vanilla and dessert type flavours so spent the next few weeks tying out all different brands and flavours but each time I found that the flavours would fade out or become too strong and turn into something that I did not like, I was constantly watching YouTube videos on e-liquid and a few mods but then stumbled on a video for D.I.Y. liquid, this was really interesting to me as I like to create things and watched as many as I could, I was hypnotised by how you could make almost any flavour you wanted with a bit of time and skill.

I decided that I would give D.I.Y. a go and bought my first few ingredients in March and began looking through tons of e-liquid recipes to sample. These were really good but the flavours I wanted were not there, so I started changing flavours. After 5 weeks of experimenting and countless lost hours of sleep I finally got the flavour I was looking for, this was different to the others I had tried and had mixed. Finally I had a flavour that was so sweet and tasty that I couldn’t put it down, it had the sweetness of the fruit in the inhale and then on the exhale the sweetness then turned into a smooth creamy taste that I was looking for since I first started vaping.


After a month of sampling and mixing I had my first main flavours...'Lemon Lush' and 'Strawberries & Cream'. I had given a few bottles to friends to see what they thought and was surprised when they said that they really liked them and that if they had found in a shop they would have bought them. I needed to know if what I had was indeed something good and not just my opinion or my friends being kind so I made the decision to contact one of the reviewers that I was a subscriber to there channel and find out what they thought from an outside perspective.


This is when 'The Demon Vaper' was born... The reviewer (Martyn Parker) who is a very respected e-liquid and mod reviewer on YouTube sent me a private video reviewing them both and offering his advice, I took this on and then set about slightly modifying the flavours. When these were ready I resent them back to him and was amazed when he gave me 5 out of 5 on both of them (His top score) He suggested that I market them and so this is what I did and since the middle of May after the first review by Steve (Vaping Crazy) the reviews started flowing fast and things started to really take off.


Now just one year on and the brand has really gone from strength to strength, not only did The Demon Vaper win in the EL Science TPD competition in 2016 for the chance to have up to 3 flavours put through TPD testing for free but as of June 2017 'Lemon Lush' took home the Vapouround award for best Dessert 2017 which was an amazing achievement and very proud to have achieved this considering the short time I've been vaping and that I'm doing this on my own whilst in full time employment along with creating all my own artwork/designs/branding including this website, so as you can tell it's very busy but it's something that I love doing.


The Demon Vaper was the name I called myself when I first started vaping back in May 2016, and as time went by I felt it was time to register the name as a trademark in June of 2017. To register a trademark there cannot be anyone else with the same or similar name and so found out that a similar name had already been registered not long after I started trading back in 2016. I could have continued with the name but going forward this was not something that I wanted to do as at anytime if the owner of the similar trademark decided to start trading then there could be conflicting names out there that may confuse people so to ensure this did not happen I simply decided to change the name.

Don't worry the flavours are still the same and have chosen a name that reflects where it all started in my hometown of Rochford, all the hard work that I have put in over the past year has been a project in itself and so 'The Rochford Project' was born.

So that's from the start to where I am today, please take your time when deciding on what flavour you want to try and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask I'm only to happy to hear from you, I have other flavours being worked on and will update this site as soon as I am 100% happy with the flavour so keep your eyes peeled for future updates.

Have fun and happy vaping!

Jay (Founder)

The Demon Vaper & The Rochford Project.​