3 For £25

Now you can purchase any 3 flavours of your choice for only £25. Mix any 3 flavours of your choice or 3 of the same all for one low price saving you money.


Please note that there is no drop down list of flavours, you will need to type them is the box.


Example 1:

1 x Lemon Lush, 1 x Crimson Seed, 1 x The Black Vine


Example 2:

3 x The Black Vine


Example 3:

1 Black Vine, 1 Lush, 1 Seed



As long as the quantity and the flavour name (or part of the name) is highlighted then we will know what flavours you wish to add and the quantities of them.




Flavours that are out of stock cannot be added to this deal and will result in your order being cancelled at processing stage.

3 For £25

  • Production information


    50ml of nicotine free e-liquid in bottle


    1 x nic shot makes bottle 3mg strength


    Mix ratio is 70VG / 30PG


    May contain sensitisers such as sweeteners


    Use within 1 year from purchase

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