The Midnight Oil

The latest addition bought into the collection 'The Midnight Oil' is a lightly roasted espresso with creamy vanilla dairy milk and a shot of caramel syrup.


I have wanted to bring in a coffee/latte to the collection for some time but some coffee flavours can be too intense and so wanted mine to pick up on an authentic vanilla latte taste that I use in my home coffee machine that was not so intense and rather gave a hint of espresso mixed with the vanilla milk and caramel syrup at the end to sweeten the final mix and balance it all out, with a good steep (at least a week) the sweetness of the caramel really starts to blend in with the espresso and the sweetness becomes more mild allowing the espresso and caramel to bind together.


After a long day at work burning the midnight oil, as they say, it always helps to have a great coffee by your side so I hope you enjoy mine.

The Midnight Oil

PriceFrom £8.99
  • Production information


    50ml of nicotine free e-liquid in bottle


    1 x nic shot makes 3mg strength (Free Base)


    Mix ratio is 70VG / 30PG


    May contain sensitisers such as sweeteners


    Use within 1 year from purchase

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