The Rochford Project is an award winning artisan e-liquid manufacturer located in the small town of Rochford in the south east of England, creating authentic full flavoured e-liquid for the vape connoisseur. From desserts to drinks, sweets to fruits I have many different flavour profiles to choose from. Most flavours have been mixed to a 70% vegetable glycerine to 30% propylene glycol ratio which works best for most sub-ohm tanks without taking anything away from the flavour.

Free delivery over £30

Now with a new lower price, the more flavours you purchase the lower the cost.

Special deals

At present there is a special deal where you can choose 3 flavours all for £25. You can either choose 3 of the same flavour or you can mix them up, it’s entirely up to you.

Please note that you can only add flavours that are currently in stock on the website.


Kooky & Lemon Lush not in deal

'Kooky' & 'Lemon Lush are not currently available on this offer.

New stock should be back very soon.

*** Possible delays ***

Please note that there may be some delays at present with Royal Mail, although all parcels are sent out the same day or following morning (Depending on time of order or weekend order) but there appears to be a few delays with some parcels (Thankfully only a few at present) but please keep this in mind when ordering as November/December usually starts to get very busy with Royal Mail around this time of year and is out of our control once parcels are in with the carrier, but hopefully any delays will only be a few extra days if there are any, most parcels are delivered without any delays but please keep this in mind when ordering.