Answers to your questions

To save you time contacting us we have listed some frequently asked questions below to help, if you still need help then please contact us using the general enquiries contact form.

Keep getting 'Order unsuccessful' message when paying via Opayo (Credit card)?

There are a few reasons why you may be getting this message once you've tried to place an order using Opayo. The following are a few of the most common mistakes made which can lead to your order not going through but are easy to remedy.

1. If you have an address that has a house number &/or flat number for example 'Flat 5, 42 Hollow Road' you may need to reverse the address numbers so that they match exactly  what your bank has on file so the above may need to read '42 Hollow Road, Flat 5' any address that is entered must match what your bank has on file in the correct order else your bank will decline.

2. Please check that all numbers on your card are entered correctly, sometimes it only takes one number to be incorrect to invalidate the order. Also please check that the card you are using is also the option selected, for example if you have a Mastercard Debit card and select Visa by accident your card would void the transaction, also check if your card is a debit card or standard one.

3. Sometimes if a new card has been used it may take time for the card to register with the bank so could automatically reject the order.

3MENVAPE code not working?

If you are having problems with the 15% discount code not working when placing an order, instead of adding multiple items just add one at a time and then click on continue shipping, this seems to resolve the issue as the 3 for £25 discount and the '3MENVAPE' code are two separate deals and the system can sometimes overwrite one of them. You may see a message that it's already been applied or could not apply the code, so the above steps by adding one item at a time and continuing shopping cancels it out and resolves itself. 

How long do I steep my flavours for?

All of our flavours are pre-steeped but will require additional steeping if adding a nicotine shot to them. For best results you should add your nicotine shot, replace the nozzle, cap and give the bottle a good shake and then leave to settle for at least 24-48 hours. The longer you leave the mixture to blend with the nicotine shot the smoother the mixture will become. Please note some flavours may require some additional steeping time if they contain creams, custard, tobacco or coffee for at least 1-2 weeks for best results.

I live outside the UK, can I still order?

Unfortunately our brand is only available within mainland UK, in early 2021 we had to stop shipping overseas due to most carriers no longer accepting e-cigarette goods, there was a risk of items sent back from customs and so we made the decision to put this on hold as could not guarantee that items would be accepted and delivered as every country has their own restrictions and we have to abide by these rules and law. Hopefully if things change in the future we will open up the online store to start accepting overseas orders but at present we cannot ship outside of mainland UK.

Can you add the nicotine for me?

It is against the law for us to add any nicotine for you, however, it is very easy to do and as all bottles supplied have 10ml of space available so you can add your own blend should you not wish to add one of our own 100% VG 18mg shots (3mg).

Could you make me a different ratio other than 70/30?

All flavours have been mixed to a 70VG/30PG ratio and created in large batches via a third party laboratory where they fill and seal the bottles for us so creating a different mix other than these is not available as a service.

Can I suggest a flavour?

Yes of course, we are always happy to hear any suggestions that you may have for possible flavours. We currently have a long list of flavours that we have worked on (or are working on) so the chances are that we may have a flavour that you like already in the works and so if enough people ask for that flavour profile it gives us an idea of what to focus on if it's on our list.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes we do, but we have put all new wholesale orders on hold at present as we are very busy concentrating on our online store orders, however, we're looking to start back up taking on new stores soon (This will not affect you if already stocking our brand pre-2021)

If you do have a shop/online store and are interested in stocking our brand you can leave your details via the contact form and we will add your details to the list and contact you when taking wholesale orders for new customers again.

Upcoming bank holidays  - 2024 (UK)

During public bank holidays we do not have any collections from Royal Mail, there may still be deliveries on a weekend but please note the following dates where no collections or deliveries will be made. To ensure that your order will be delivered on time please make sure you order a few days in advance.



Royal Mail

Monday 1 January

Bank Holiday - New Year's Day

No collections or deliveries

(Next collection - Tuesday 2)

Friday 29 March

Good Friday

No collections or deliveries

(Next collection - Tuesday 2)

Monday 1 April

Easter Monday

No collections or deliveries

(Next collection - Tuesday 2)

Monday 6 May

Early May Bank Holiday

No collections or deliveries

(Next collection - Tuesday 7)

Monday 27 May

Spring Bank Holiday

No collections or deliveries

(Next collection - Tuesday 28)

Monday 26 August

Summer Bank Holiday

No collections or deliveries

(Next collection - Tuesday 27)

Wednesday 18 December

Advised last day for any deliveries before Christmas day

24hr Tracked service

48hr Tracked service

Friday 20 December

Last day for Tracked 48 collections before Christmas day

(Next collection - Friday 27)

Monday 23 December

Last day for Tracked 24 collections before Christmas day

(Next collection - Friday 27)

Wednesday 25 December

Christmas Day

No collections or deliveries

(Next collection - Friday 27)

Thursday 26 December

Boxing Day

No collections or deliveries

(Next collection - Friday 27)