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Product reviews
If you have a YouTube channel or are a social blogger and would like to review our flavours then please contact us for details via the contact details below.


Please note.
Unfortunately we cannot send out to all who request samples, there will be a certain criteria that will be asked for. If you have purchased any of our flavours and want to do a review you don't have to contact us (A lot have asked) but if you would like your review added to the site or your review retweeted then please let us know as will be happy to do this.

Thank you's...
There are so many people that we would like to thank (You all know who you are) but a big thank you to Martyn Parker for his kind words and advice leading up to us going live, his advice to market them started the ball rolling and was key in the birth of The Rochford Project (AKA The Demon Vaper) go watch his video's and give his YouTube channel a subscribe

YouTube reviews
Listed below are a selection of YouTube reviews for you to watch and help decide if the flavour is what you're looking for. Please note that some of these reviews were under the old name 'The Demon Vaper' but all flavours are the same.
Vaping With Vic (A Most Curious Curdle & Crimson Seed)
Grimm Green (The Black Vine)

Vaping With Vic (The Midnight Oil)
Vaping With Vic (Lemon Meringue)
Little Bro Vape Reviews (Lemon Meringue)
Soul OHM (Lemon Meringue)
TNOTPR Vaping (Lemon Meringue)
The Salford Vaper (Lemon Meringue)

Essence Of Vapes (Lemon Meringue)
FlatCap Vaper (Lemon Meringue)
Shrek Vape Reviews (Lemon Meringue)

MBK Vaper Reviews (Lemon Meringue)
Vaping With CJ (Lemon Meringue)
Benny Vapes (Lemon Meringue)
Blazin Vapes (Lemon Meringue)
The Salford Vaper (The Midnight Oil)
NET Vaper (The Midnight Oil)
TNOTPR (The Midnight Oil)
Mr B VapeApe (The Midnight Oil)
FlatCap Vaper (The Midnight Oil)
Little Bro Vapes (The Midnight Oil)
Blazin Vapes (The Midnight Oil)
Soul OHM (The Midnight Oil)
RetroVape TV (The Midnight Oil)
Vape Don't Smoke (A Most Curious Curdle & Crimson Seed)
Jay Jupiter (A Most Curious Curdle & Crimson Seed)

Benny Vapes (A Most Curious Curdle)
Little Bro Vape Reviews (The Midnight Oil)

Lethal Coilz (The Black Vine)
Jake Vapes (The Black Vine)
Martyn Parker (Kooky)
Martyn Parker (Strawberries & Cream)
Martyn Parker (Raspberry Milk)
Martyn Parker (Slightly Twisted)
The Vaping Mods (Raspberry Milk, Strawberries & Cream, Lemon Lush, Kooky)
NET Vaper (Crimson Seed)
Foolmoon (Crimson Seed)
Foolmoon (A Most Curious Curdle)
FlatCap Vaper (A Most Curious Curdle & Crimson Seed)
Little Bro Vape Reviews (A Most Curious Curdle & Crimson Seed)
Pud Puffs (Crimson Seed)
Foolmoon (The Black Vine)
Foolmoon (Lemon Lush)
The Bitches (A Most Curious Curdle & Crimson Seed)
TNOTPR Vaping (A Most Curious Curdle & Crimson Seed)
Pud Puffs (A Most Curious Curdle)
Blazin_vapes75 (Crimson Seed)
Vaping With CJ (Crimson Seed)
Above The Clouds Reviews (The Black Vine)
Soul OHM (A Most Curious Curdle & Crimson Seed)
Vaping Manc (Strawberries & Cream)
Vaping Manc (Slightly Twisted)
Vaping With Vic (The Black Vine)
Tia Vapes (Lemon Lush & Raspberry Milk)
Empire Vape Co (The Black Vine)
Wendy Vapes (The Black Vine)
Pud Puffs (The Black Vine)
Wendy Vapes (Kooky, Strawberries & Cream, Raspberry Milk)
TNOTPR (The Black Vine)
Little Bro Vapes (The Black Vine)
Vape Don't Smoke (The Black Vine)
The Devil Vaper (The Black Vine)
Worthing Vaper (The Black Vine)
The Essex Vaper (The Black Vine)
The Scots Review (The Black Vine)
MBK Vaper (The Black Vine)
Another Vape Channel (The Black Vine)
It's TPD (The Black Vine)
Steve Nichols Vaping (The Black Vine)
Carpvaper TV (The Black Vine)
Soul OHM (The Black Vine)
Carpvaper TV (Raspberry Milk & Slightly Twisted)
Steve Nichols Vaping (Full range)
Great British Vapes (Raspberry Milk)
Tony's E-Cig Stuff! (Full Range)
Little Bro Vapes (Slightly Twisted & Raspberry Milk)
Little Bro Vapes (Lemon Lush & Strawberries & Cream)
SoulOhm (Slightly Twisted)
SoulOhm (Raspberry Milk)
SoulOhm (Lemon Lush & Strawberries & Cream)
MBKVaper Reviews (Full Range)
Vape Don't Smoke (Full Range)
EjuiceReview (Full Range)
The Salford Vaper (Lemon Lush)
Sir Vaping Alot (Full Range)
WN8 Vapes (Lemon Lush & Strawberries & Cream)
WN8 Vapes (Slightly Twisted & Raspberry Milk)
Best Ecig (Full Range)
Vaping At Petes Place (Lemon Lush & Strawberries & Cream)
Great British Vapes (Kooky)
JP Vapours Reviews (Kooky)
JP Vapours Reviews (Slightly Twisted)
JP Vapours Reviews (Raspberry Milk)
Little Bro Vapes (Kooky)
Jared The Vaping Goat (Lemon Lush)
Carpvaper TV (Kooky)
Jared The Vaping Goat (Kooky)
The Devil Vaper (Kooky)
Jared The Vaping Goat (Slightly Twisted)
Jared The Vaping Goat (Raspberry Milk)
Vape Don't Smoke (Kooky)
SoulOhm (Kooky)
Tony's E-Cig Stuff! (Kooky)
Red Fox Vapes (Lemon Lush)
Flat Cap Vaper (The Black Vine)
Flat Cap Vaper (Lemon Lush)
Flat Cap Vaper (Strawberries & Cream)
Flat Cap Vaper (Slightly Twisted)
Vaping With CJ (Kooky)
Vaping With CJ (The Black Vine)
Vaping With CJ (Lemon Lush)
Vaping With CJ (Raspberry Milk)
Vaping With CJ (Slightly Twisted)
Vaping With CJ (Strawberries & Cream)
Benny Vapes (Lemon Lush)
Benny Vapes (The Black Vine)
Benny Vapes (Raspberry Milk)
Jules Mama Vapes (Full Line)
NET Vaper (The Black Vine & Lemon Lush)
Nice Guys, Just A Little Bit Vapey! (Full Range)
The Vaping Mods (Slightly Twisted)
The Vaping Mods (The Black Vine)
Above The Clouds (Lemon Lush)
Big D Vapes (Lemon Lush)
Martyn Parker (Lemon Lush)
Lethal Coilz (Lemon Lush)
Lethal Coilz (Slightly Twisted)
Lethal Coilz (Strawberries & Cream)
Martyn Parker (The Black Vine) YouTube
Martyn Parker

Vaping Truant Reviews
Xhale Vaping
The Devil Vaper
The Devil Vaper 2
Vaping With Vic
Great British Vapes
Great British Vapes 2
Alexandra Parker
Darth Naga
Vape Don't Smoke
Spit In Your Dripper
Professor Vapes
Timmerz Reviews
Inspector Pink
DJ Vapes
Soul OHM Reviews
London Vaper Reviews
London Vaper Reviews 2
Vaping With Jay
510 Vaping
Beer Box Reviews
Steve Nichols Vaping
UK Vapester
Covex Vapes
Covex Vapes 2
Vape Ladies
The Gadget Hunter
Tonys E-Cig Stuff
Calm Vapers Reviews
MBK Vaper Reviews
MBK Vaper Reviews 2
The Cardiff Vaper
Beauty & The Vape
Elzys E-Juices & Reviews
Kelvin Guy Reviews
Kelvin Guy Reviews 2
The Teleford Vaper
Sarah Watson Vapes
Empire Vape Co
Empire Vape Co 2
Vape Addikt
Vape Addikt 2
Overdose Vapes
Overdose Vapes 2
Carp Vaper TV
Best E-Cig UK
Cathy Vapes
The Hooded Vaper
The Hooded Vaper 2
The Daily Dripper
My Vaping Reviews

My Vaping Reviews 2
Bella Vapes
Vaping Pogonophile
Vaughn Vape Reviews
Planet Of The Vapes
Biggles Vape Reviews
Vaping Pogonophile 2
My Vaping Reviews 3
The Vape Reviews

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